The Science of Unhappiness

We -my friends and I- were sitting there, at the back of the room, behind hundred of conference participants, listening to an ELT figure talking about being a teacher while being happy. We -my friends and I- are teachers with additional work, and so we were supposed to be happy too.

The presentation was the last session of the day, and the day was the last day of the event. That means we -my friends and I- were at the end of a couple of months, and weeks, and hours of mental deprivation. Please reread and underline if necessary the words: a couple of months, and weeks, and hours.

Then, it was only normal that when we finally finished the day, we decided to go out in the middle of the night to take a walk. We thought taking a walk could release us from stress and as a result we were cured from our mental deprivation. Of course, we thought wrong. And by the end of the walk, we realized that we had been unhappy too long to be cured by a one-hour motivational speech.

So, instead of feeling sorry for our unhappy state, we came up with the Science of Unhappiness. We might not be happy people but at least we have a brain like a rocket scientist’s.

The Science of Unhappiness

by the six of us

  1. Unhappy people are pessimistic. And it is good to be pessimistic because it means we don’t exaggerate things. It keeps people in perspectives.
  2. Unhappy people are sharp. They never overlook small mistakes.
  3. Unhappy people are motivated people because they are driven by anger, hatred, revenge, and bad experiences.
  4. Unhappy people always find ways for improvement because they are not easily forgiving.
  5. Unhappy people are sensitive to comments, opinions, inputs, suggestions, etc. Being sensitive makes unhappy people perfectionists. And the best people at work are the perfectionists.
  6. ……………. (fill in the blank with your sentences)

3 thoughts on “The Science of Unhappiness

  1. iya betul…ada yang gak contribute ya? brarti doi happy tuh…
    (Unhappy people are provocateurs, they never miss a chance to make other people take action ;p)

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