Define Me

How do you define your friends?

By how good they look? How nice they are to you? How patient they are toward you? How hard they work? How sharp they are when they think? How brave they are when they speak? How loyal they are to you?

Tell me how you want to define your friends. And I’ll tell you if I want to be your friend.

11 thoughts on “Define Me

  1. i may know what you mean. Dont bother to define “me” in your own terms and conditions. No matter what we have been through, I owe you an apology to put you through all these you never asked for. Thank you for allowing me to fill in the awkward space.

    1. Yay, you are so sensitive though not as in The Science of Unhappiness sensitive. I wasn’t talking about you. You’ll know when I really am talking about you 😉

  2. Euleuuuuuh… meuni basa England kiyeu ;p
    Ehm, ehm… to me a friend is someone with whom I can feel comfortable just being myself, and yes you are a true friend, Poy. Rock on!

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