This must be Chrysanthemum

I was just flipping through my old album when I found pictures of Chrysanthemum. I wrote about the flowers before but then my friend said the flowers were Gerbera, and not Chrysanthemum.

I took pictures of these flowers when I was biking along the main road in Honjo, Saitama, Japan, some 4 years ago. Yes, these flowers were wild, but at that time they made a really beautiful view. I stopped my bike at that time and got off just to be able to take the pictures. I was in the pavement next to a big main road, mind you, and the wind was blowing hard. Papap and Hikari patiently waited for me a few meters away. Come to think of it, perhaps they didn’t want anyone to relate them with me 🙂 .

What makes me sad now is my stupidity when I stored these pictures. Accidentally I reduced the size of the pictures! Now, they are… small 🙁 The original posting is here.

I’ll try to find the original files and hopefully I can add more pictures to these beautiful yellows below.

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