When I’ve had enough understanding…

Life doesn’t always treat us nicely…. Let me revise that. People don’t always treat us nicely. But I am fine with that. I am not always nice to people, either.

It is a different case with fairness, though. I have this naive concept that as long as people are fair I am okay with them being not so nice. In just one week, I found out that the two adjectives were inseparable.

I was involved in an incident recently. Even at that time, I didn’t expect people to be nice about it. I did -though- expect them to demand some explanations. They didn’t. While explanation might clear some misunderstanding and would surely put things in perspective, these people behaved like they preferred to not-understand and thus be unfair. Still surprises me until now.

Between feeling confused watching some grown-ups preferred being immature and feeling outrageous watching unfairness displayed, I remember that life is all about making choices. Their choice of behavior broke my heart in pieces but I have to respect their choice. The moment I realized that, I saw no point of turning back. I knew I had to part with them.

10 thoughts on “When I’ve had enough understanding…

  1. menjadi waras adalah pilihan. Kalo dengan berpisah bisa membuat tetap waras, lakukan. Apapun pilihannya, pikirkan baik2.

    1. Katanya, kalo kebanyakan pilihan malah bingung. Gue kalo beli sepatu trus banyak pilihan malah bingung. Bingung bayarnya… *ngelantur mode on*

  2. Saya suka gambarnya, tidak berarti saya tidak suka postingnya, hanya saja saya tidak mengerti tepatnya inti dari posting ini dikarenkan keterbatasan kosakata bahasa inggris saya

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