When I’ve had enough understanding…

Life doesn’t always treat us nicely…. Let me revise that. People don’t always treat us nicely. But I am fine with that. I am not always nice to people, either.

It is a different case with fairness, though. I have this naive concept that as long as people are fair I am okay with them being not so nice. In just one week, I found out that the two adjectives were inseparable.

I was involved in an incident recently. Even at that time, I didn’t expect people to be nice about it. I did -though- expect them to demand some explanations. They didn’t. While explanation might clear some misunderstanding and would surely put things in perspective, these people behaved like they preferred to not-understand and thus be unfair. Still surprises me until now.

Between feeling confused watching some grown-ups preferred being immature and feeling outrageous watching unfairness displayed, I remember that life is all about making choices. Their choice of behavior broke my heart in pieces but I have to respect their choice. The moment I realized that, I saw no point of turning back. I knew I had to part with them.