We are thousand kilometers apart today but you warmed my heart with your message for our anniversay.

10 Plus 16

“Then slowly, over time, everything changes. And you’re no longer this young thing, and you don’t believe in fairytales and ‘perfect’ isn’t in your vocabulary. And then suddenly, here is this man and he becomes so familiar to you that one day you find yourself looking at him thinking I could love this person for the rest of my life.”
Addison Montgomery, Grey’s Anatomy.

Happy 16th Anniversay. Happy 26th year of together. Somehow being with you just makes sense.

14 Years and 10 Years before that

“Women has this thing in her body called expectation.”
“So, expectation is bad?”
“It is for us, men. Because we’ll never reach their expectation.”
-taken from Chowder, the tv series

This year on the 14 of October, we have been in our 14 years of partnership -and another 10 years of relationship- and expectations often become the roots of all heartaches. Especially on my side. Chowder’s father couldn’t be more right telling Chowder about expectation. Women hold to it firmer than men do.
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