Wijayakusuma on handI’m not sure why I seem so obsessed with this flower. Epiphyllu Oxypetalum is called Wijayakusuma in Indonesia, Gekka Bijin in Japan, Brahma Kamala in India, and Queen of the night everywhere.

I first got this flower from Pakdhe Mbilung and Mbak Jeni. They gave me the bigger variety with giant flowers. The problem with this variety is…the flower (flowerS, if lucky) only appears when it wants to. Sometimes once a year, other times twice if I’m lucky.

Wijayakusuma small with AikoA few years later, my friend, Acil, gave me the small variety with mini flowers. This one produces more flowers more often -but smaller. A lot smaller. However, if you want to have year-long flowers, this small variety is the best. Imagine ten, twenty, forty of them blooming at the same time around your house.

Wijayakusuma flowers only bloom one night and only at night. If you want to watch it blooming, you’ve got to wait around 11PM to 1AM when the flowers reach their peak bloom. But, it’s worth the waiting! Continue reading