It’s a sign

Do you believe in signs?

I do. I believe in signs, although not as much as I believe in God. And that’s supposed to be a joke. I see signs everywhere anytime. Or, I want to see signs everywhere anytime. It gives me a suggestive feeling that heaven’s watching over me.

Take Gede Prama. On my normal days, I never hear his wisdoms aired in radio stations. Believe it or not, every time I feel I have enough of the world, suddenly his voice is everywhere on the radio talking about a specific thing I am experiencing. One early morning when I was so mad at something, I sped up along the toll road. Suddenly, Gede Prama voice greeted the listeners and talked to us about ANGER. He saved me from my suicidal attempt of being a car racer. So, yes, I do believe in signs above my logical being. And may be one day I’ll write a novel about it.

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