Kartu di Mejanya ‘Cek Toko Sebelah’

Membaca judul posting ini, bagi yang sudah nonton Cek Toko Sebelah pasti langsung mikir saya ngomongin Geng Capsa yang fenomenal di film Cek Toko Sebelah. Hehe… Bukan. Saya sedang ngomongin perasaan saya yang baper setelah nonton film CTS ini.

Awalnya saya dan Papap agak ragu mau nonton film CTS ini karena kami pernah trauma nonton film komedi dari sutradara Indonesia lain yang beritanya heboh sejagat maya. Kami pikir film ini sama dengan komedi itu yang rupanya menyasar para abege, bukan orang dewasa seperti kami. Saya pikir sih yang salah kami karena tidak bisa tertawa bareng abege yang memenuhi bioskop 😀 . Naaah, kami pikir CTS ini sama. Komedi = abege = suram nasib kami. Tapi, akhirnya kami memberanikan diri untuk nonton karena……ada Kaesang Pangarep di filmnya 😀 😀 😀 . Cetek banget.
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Got to Work It Out for Love

I’ve never (yup, I think never) written a novel review in my entire life -not because I can’t- because I don’t want to. I feel really bad to comment on the masterpiece(s) of fellow writers no matter how unimpressive their work is. Why? Simple. I knooooow the behind story. The long late hours spent to write a 200-something page novel. The screaming of lacking of ideas. The feeling of being suck at something you are passionate about. The fear of being a bad writer. I know. And that’s why I always keep my opinion about a novel, for myself. Until now. Until I read this recently famous novel and #1 New York Times Bestseller and I. Just. Need. To. Get. This. Out. Of. My. System.

Warning: a few spoilers and a lot of heartbreaking comments.

So, a friend literally forced me to read Me Before You novel because she was sooooo moved by it. At the same time, the movie was a big hit here. To be honest, I wasn’t so much into this novel. I was never interested enough in picking up the novel from the bookshelf at the bookstore and was not even close to watch the movie. I read the synopsis once and decided I’d rather buy Jenny Han‘s 😛 . But my friend was really persistent to hear my comments for the novel. So, okay, I was at the airport on my way to I-don’t-even-remember-where-anymore and out of habit, I bought the book for those long hours of waiting and flight. I read a couple of pages but decided that I was more interested in sleeping than reading through. So weird of me.

When I continued reading the first chapters, I was like ‘Okay. Intriguing. Could be something’ but again I kept putting it down. The introduction about Louisa Clark was not that impressive after a few chapters. And then the next chapters made my eyebrows raised. I flipped back to earlier chapters trying to figure out how in the world a girl named Louisa Clark can become the girl who melt a rich man’s cold heart while her own sister herself calls her idiot? After that, throughout the next chapters I was hoping the answer to my question would be on the next page. I was wrong.

So, here is my disappointment with the novel.
I like the storyline -I think it is an interesting storyline! I do!
I like the male character, Will Treynor. He gives more than enough opportunities for the story to build up drama. I even love the male character. I think it is a brilliant choice by the writer to give this background, this story, this personality, to this male character.
I am interested in the background characters: the family, the sister, the boyfriend. They are all amazing for background.
I didn’t mind the slightly predictable ending because the story could (!) offer surprises here and there.
Aaaand, I would like to fall for the female character. The heroine. Louisa Clark. I was waiting to fall for her. But…nothing.
With that storyline, this male character, that background, Louisa Clark has just provided me with consistently annoying character from the beginning -the clueless girl who can’t even show me why she deserves to be loved. She is not maturing. She is not developing enough to turn the story around!

So, I ended up being so irritated with the novel and stopped reading when I reached page 337. I told my friend that and…she was upset 😀 . After that time, my friend started to nag me to watch the movie to see if I could change my mind. Yeah. Right. But she was so insistent and annoying and she checked on me several times if I had watched the movie. So, I did it just to stop her nagging while secretly hoped the movie was better.

But, it wasn’t! 🙁 . It just looked nicer from all the nature and scenery in the movie.

So, what makes me change my habit of not commenting on a novel?
My annoyance that the story could be better IF THAT LOUISA CLARK COULD SHOW ME SHE DESERVES THE ROLE.

On another note, this novel is a learning tool for me. I got to reflect on how a character should mature throughout the novel. Or how a character should be developed. Or how a good story can be ruined by one not-convincing character. Or how -even in a fiction- you’ve got to work hard to deserve someone’s love.