Not Everything Should be Meaningful

Seven months living in global pandemic. More like living in a fish bowl, actually. See things and hear things from the perspective of a glass bowl. Unable to go anywhere (well, in my case, I choose not to). Haven’t been outside the 5-kilometer perimeter from home. Haven’t been to the office. My spirit changes from yes-we-can-do-this to glad-we-have-time-to-relax-at-home-a-bit to shit-when-will-this-be-over and finally the question of are-we-there-yet on repeat.

As someone who constantly feels like I need a meaningful outcome in my day-to-day life, the pandemic has robbed me that. Yes, I still have a job and yes, I still have to supervise my kids’ studying from home, but I can’t help questioning ‘what’s the use?
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