Ribuan Jarum di Sebelah Kepalaku

As someone living with chronic migraine (and long history of allergies), days like those in the picture when I could function as a person are most cherished. When migraine strikes, it always feel like I’ve never known days without pain. Knowing that migraine can strike me anytime forces me to be ‘meaningfully present’ in those pain-free hours, especially with my kids. Having a book-reading before bedtime, or chatting about school, or dining together, or listening to their stories, or even laughing…are out of questions since every nerve in my body aches from sound, light, stimulation. My head feels like thousand needles are fighting inside my head. Trying to be positive about life is a struggle when being in pain. . . My thoughts and prayers for those who suffer from more serious illnesses. My pain is nothing compared to yours. . ? @naldsaerang #migraines #migrainelife #deepinthought #beingpresent #painstory #migrainestrikesagain #painfuldays

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