Sunsets Sent

It’s an almost sunset. The fifth sunset I sent her this week. Her reply arrived less than a minute. A big red heart.

‘Not as round as yesterday.’ She typed. ‘Still beautiful though.’
‘There is time.’ I replied. ‘An hour to go before the official sunset time.’
She sent me a grin. A big, big grin, I was picturing it.
My thumb froze a little above the phone. ‘How’s your sunset?’
She was typing. I had to make sure we were texting because otherwise she could hear my heart sounding like a dozen wild horses running.
‘Can’t see it. Hidden behind the neighbors’ roof.’
I was imagining her turning her gaze to the window at her study room.
‘I wish I could barter the view in front of me, with yours.’ She sighed. ‘I see only spreadsheets and words.’
I swore the letters she typed made sound. I could hear them!
‘Envy you!’
I could hear her say that too.
‘What envy?’ I felt brave. ‘It’s only 5-minute drive from your desk.’
‘Ah! But you forgot the time I need to get ready! Can’t go there in Minnie Mouse shirt and shorts.’
How could I notice Minnie when she was in front of me?
‘Have fun exercising!’ Another smile.
‘Will do.’

I retreated. The only exercise I needed was for my head. Sitting down, I took comfort on a damp grass after this morning’s rain. The yellow ball in the sky was turning deep orange. Soon it would officially become a Friday sunset. The fifth sunset that failed this week, joining many others in the weeks before.

The wind was cold today, yet the wild flowers didn’t hesitate to dance. My heart skipped a beat. May be… May be if it were… wild flowers instead of sunsets?

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