A Cup of Heart

He held out his hands and put the glass bowl in front of me. It was half full with small folded papers. Back in my apartment, Black, my goldfish, lived in the same kind of bowl. His hands were now on his hips. Sleeves rolled up and apron the color of coffee bean was crisp. His widened eyes were watching me. Expecting me to take one the folded papers.
“Come on, man. I just want a cappuccino. Sweet, creamy, but strong.” I gave him my best smile.
“It doesn’t work that way here.” From the other side of the table, he pointed out at a sign on top of it.
My smile disappeared. “Fine.”
I picked one paper, glared at him, and opened the paper. It was written ‘heart’. I let out a frustration but his satisfying laughter was louder. He would be handsome if the glass bowl didn’t hit his face first, I thought, entertaining the idea.

It had been a month I had my coffee here and heart was the only latte art I got for my cappuccino. I didn’t even care about the bloody drawing but this man who otherwise was quite handsome if I hadn’t been regularly cross at him said it was a rule here to choose a surprise latte art for our coffee! A fresh cup of coffee with lily drawing was delivered to a man at a nearby table.
“Why can’t I have that just once? Or a smiley for a change!” I hissed.
He shrugged indifferently. “Luck, I guess.” He took the bowl and put it back under the table. “One cappuccino coming right up. Sweet, creamy but strong. Enjoy the heart.”
He gave me his widest brightest smile. I rolled my eyes, picked up my yoga mat, and walked to my usual table next to the front window.

At the barista’s table, he returned the bowl next to an identical bowl half full with small folded papers. He sensed his friend passed behind and muttered under the breath. Only loud enough for his ears to hear.

“It’d be a lot easier if you just tell her directly.”

First posted the story as very mini short story in my instagram.

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