22 Going on Forever Young

I just celebrated my birthday Friday last week. It was great to be 22…twice 😀 . Better than being 17 forever. People say that age is just a number. They must be severely delusional…because you can’t cheat near-sighted, silver hairs, arthritis, and belly fat that can’t be removed even with 100 days of eating flora. Okay, I should stop talking about age here.

This birthday I have the most dramatic birthday ev-fah but I’m not going to write about it here because then I have to admit my saying fuckoff a lot of times haahahaha… I did, though, feel blessed on that day because I felt whatever happened/will happen I would be okay and I had people who truly care about me. This is apaseh moment for you, ya? 😀 .

And then of course the day couldn’t get any better when friends showed up wishing me well. Including Nenek FM. She always has a way to cheer me up.

Despite the dramaS (with plural S), I felt contented. This year is different from the previous years. This year, I feel like…bring it on, lyfe!


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