Travel Blues is not a Sin

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My travel schedule hasn’t slowed down since I wrote about it here a year ago. It only gets worse. Now I can be in the same city as where I live but have no idea if my watch shows the right timezone 😥 .

The day before the travel is the start of my blues. I would wish I didn’t have to go the next day. Then, the first day away from home is always the most difficult one. Thinking about home and how it feels to be inside the warm hugs of everyone…compared to this cold, lonely, work-infested room.

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Sometimes this travel blues really makes me wonder if I do the right thing, you know, by traveling. Working away from home. Sometimes I feel guilty of being away, although every time I do the video call my kids seem happy and carefree 🙄 . Then, I realize something about this travel, this distance I have to position myself from home.

Distance is a healthy supplement in any relationship. It gives me perspective of life, mine and my family’s. It reminds me that sometimes I keep things in my control but sometimes I let go. It slaps me on the face that sometimes home needs me away so they can be themselves.

Distance gives me a reason to call a place a home.
Travel blues reminds me that I have a home to run back to.

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