When a Mom has to Choose. 

IMG-20110822-00180Aiko refused to go to bed. She insisted in playing her thing on iPad though her eyes looked tired and it loooong passed her bed time. When I firmly took away the gadget and told her to go to bed, she cried. Sobbing, she said, “I want to be with you.”

I didn’t get it at first. She kept saying -while crying- she wanted to be with me. So, I said, “I am WITH you. Why are you saying that?”

And Aiko answered, “Mamam was busy cleaning the house. I am waiting for you to go to bed. I want to be with you.”

And she cried again. 

I thought her being accompanied by her dad and brother was enough while I did all those unavoidable house chores. It isn’t. 

She wouldn’t stop sobbing. So, i hugged her and seconds after that she fell asleep in my chest. 

Who says only working moms have to choose between work and time for the kids. I am on my annual leave, am staying home, and still have to choose between making the house looks decent or ‘being’ with the kids. 

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