Because We are Not the Duchess of Cambridge


Every woman who has the experience of giving birth KNOW that no matter how brave, how difficult, how noble, how near-dying the process of giving birth is, looking pretty and gorgeous is not included in the whole process. You’d look anything, anything, but pretty! And everybody knows that. The doctor, the nurses, the relatives, THE father, they know it. In the birth delivery process, a woman’s mission is to deliver a baby in healthy shape. Some women manage to look pretty after a week or two, after a visit to the salon, but most women would have to endure looking like a wreck longer. But! But, the Duchess of Cambridge who just delivered her second child has set the standard so high for somebody who just delivered a baby less than 12 hours earlier. It was as if she was admitted to the hospital for a baby shopping!

I actually was about to write about her post birth delivery look since 2 years ago when I saw her carrying Prince George (left picture). But I was like ‘hey, she must have a troop of stylists around her to make her look gooood.’ But when I saw Kate Middleton a few days ago with the little princess, I was like…OK. That’s it! Enough! 😀 .
From now on, every woman who would undergo a childbirth would find it very very difficult to excuse herself for being a total post birth mess:D .

I am not alone for feeling shocked and jealous. These women here share my feelings. If I could just look half as good as Kate Middleton after birth, I would be a happier woman. Post delivery (both deliveries), I remember feeling bloated and tired and fat (while actually I was thinner than before pregnancy) and ugly. I remember my mother literally dragged me to the beauty salon near my house to have my hair washed and my body massaged. I remember wearing long shabby dress all day and never coming near perfume nor make up kits. And I obviously remember giving Papap threatening looks if he even hinted I looked like a wreck! Hahaha…

But…lucky me… it was before Duchess of Cambridge post birth revelation!

One thought on “Because We are Not the Duchess of Cambridge

  1. Can’t agree more mbak . The only pregnancy I had so far was not something I am proud of. I suddenly losing my interest even for putting the powder on my suddenly-turn-darker-face and on my 8th month pregnancy, I got a skin allergy for unknown reason. It took me months to at least bring back my own self confidence despite still being overweight by excusing baby-nursing-period. I know it’s worst, but maybe this is also the reason why my husband still keep pending our plan for the second child ;), I realized he suffered most from the pregnancy-mood-swing.

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