Your February


Things turn pink when February comes. The world suddenly becomes more romantic. People suddenly become more hopeful. Of certain kinds of affection they think they deserve on this pinky month.

When everything turns pink and heart-shaped, I feel like a bell is ringing. The month always reminds me of a wish I once said but have never been able to realize. A promise to meet her in Central Park and say Happy Birthday, my darling!

I don’t know when and how or how long it will take, but I intend to keep my wish. As for now, I have to be grateful for the technology. For she is just a click away.

Happy birthday, darling Fitri Mohan!
There is nothing truer about you than this:


One thought on “Your February

  1. Thank you so much, Mak! *kiss kiss* I too am so grateful for technology. It’s been years since the first time of your or my “Happy birthday!” to each of us and I have a feeling that the time to say it directly will not be that long. Let’s see who’s gonna say it first and where 🙂 *** trus ntar ada yang bilang ‘Pertamaaaax’ nggak ya? :)) ***

    Tengkiu tengkiu tengkiuuuuu. Mwahhhh.


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