30 More Minutes

20130222-004948.jpg Dear Nek,

In thirty minutes you are going to embrace your new year. Here I am thousand of miles away from you trying to put everything I feel for you in a blog post. Everything I feel. For you. In. A blog post. Tell me how impossible it is…

Nek, I have to write about your famous ‘I feel you.’
I remember it was just another sad post in my blog years ago. Anyone would just pass it and call it absurd. But, not you. You wrote ‘I feel you’ and I just stared at it feeling a gradual relief. And you started that habit since then. Making me feel less sad just by staring at your ‘I feel you, Mak’ without me having to actually see you.

Yes, Nek, you have a way to let me know you feel me. Even when you don’t say it literally.
I have never been in a marathon chat with anyone, but you. Our chat is a mix of this and that, do you agree? Sometimes our conversation is so absurd. Sometimes it is so light like a Hello in the middle of my (or your) hectic life. Sometimes we talk about something so heavy it requires links to other sites and a long list of statistical data. But there is something you always leave behind after each chat. It’s the feeling that you can feel whatever I’m holding inside, even when you don’t say ‘I feel you.’

But, I’ve not always been as good of friend as you. To you. I should have been there when you stayed up late staring at your hundred-page drafts. I should have been there telling you to keep your sanity and health in the middle of writing your 3 novels. I should have been there to remind you to sleep despite the deadlines. I should have been there telling you ‘I feel you’ too. But, I didn’t. So will you forgive me?

Nek, on your birthday, as always, I wish you all the best on earth and in heaven.

I tweeted once about best friend. I wrote ‘best friend is the one who has the ability to say I feel you without having to say it.’ I wrote about you, Nek.

Happy Birthday. Happy happy birthday.
Let’s promise to stay sane and healthy so we can find each other in our future?

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