The Rubber Band Theory of Friendship

rubber_bandThese couple of weeks, I have been doing some analysis about friendship. Having observed some people, I think this job of friendship-analysis might find its market. Who knows I could sell my theory of friendship to a motivational speaker?

What I’ve found is friendship is like a rubber band. New, it is still tight and can hold multiple items together in just one tie.

Used frequently, it becomes loose and you have to tie some items several times. Like humors in a circle of friends; you no longer know the differences between a joke and a sarcastic comment.

Left without being taken care of, the rubber band becomes dry and easily broken off.

When it is no longer good, you throw it away and find a substitute. Rubber bands are easy to find and come with many colors. Get a new one and you hardly remember you have an old one.

So then, I’m convinced that friendship is like a rubber band. It is elastic, flexible, useful in tying multiple things together, you can pull it to its limit. Rubber bands are also available in many colors. You can use similar color to tie things to look neat, or you can use different colors to create merriment.

But no matter how elastically flexible, a rubber band can also break off. Pull it beyond its limit, it will break off. Put it under the scorching sun or in a hot temperature room, it will break off. Whatever color the rubber bands you have, they will find their limit.

And then I observed, just like rubber bands, people come in abundance. If you lose a rubber band, break it off, you can get a new one easily. If a friendship lose a friend, one can look the other way and suddenly notice there are other people around. That’s why they call the earth is fully occupied, by the way. With that abundantly available, you usually take a rubber band for granted. You don’t appreciate it when it is around. You go get a new one when it is lost or broken off.

The problem happens when you don’t have one when you need it. You know there are a lot of rubber bands out there, but you can’t find one when you need it the most. And most of the time, when you need something the most is when you are really really in deep trouble.

So, what’s the conclusion of my observation? I don’t make conclusion. Do that yourself, you-who-call-yourself-adult!

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