The Job that isn’t the IT anymore…

Call me melancholic, or emotional, drama queen, or just tired because I am writing this at 01:30 in the morning. I don’t care. I have been thinking about my job for weeks and just when my body was ready to shut down my laptop, my mind wouldn’t let me rest until this job-thing settles comfortably in my conscience.

I remember when my job used to make me feel challenged and make me look sparkling. I remember the days when I got home tired but feeling satisfied with what I had done in the office. I remember the ignorance feelings when I looked at the numbers on my paycheck wasn’t quite equal with the hard work I had done to finish the job. I remember the feeling I had those days and it was called CONTENTMENT.

Now, I have (almost) everything in my job that it feels (almost) wrong to complain. For weeks -a lot of weeks- I am struggling to convince myself that this job I have is still the IT job I had years ago. Somehow I know I’m struggling to lose. This is not IT anymore. And how do I know that?

It’s when I get home from work and doesn’t feel contented anymore.

It’s time to move on…

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