All wrapped into one with a ribbon on it

I’ve spent a lot of time separating friendship and love. I guess if you are lucky, you can get both. Cougar

This month is definitely a celebration month.
Papap was born on October 2.
He said he liked me on October 3. Nineteen years ago. At a bus stop which didn’t exist anymore.
We got married on October 14. Nine years ago.

I’ve written at least 5 posts about our anniversary each year. I wonder if any of those has a bit ofย romantic sense. Having said that, I’m thinking of writing something different this year.

I’ll start with Rihana’s song Rehab. She sang about a man who was her lover and her best friend as well. All wrapped into one with a ribbon on it, she said. Me and Papap are like that. Before the love story started, he was my close friend. When the love story started, he became my best friend.

Courtney Cox in Cougar the TV series said that if we were lucky, we could get both love and friendship. I know so many couples who are blessed with love. I also know it is friendship that keeps relationship last.

So, this year, I am going to thank the Great One above for giving us another year to be in love and to be in friendship. I also thank the Great One above for giving me a break from reminding Papap about our anniversary. This year, he remembered.

Papap, I ehem you. Thank you for the 10 years and then 9 years of togetherness.

8 thoughts on “All wrapped into one with a ribbon on it

  1. wah kok agak sedikit mirip ya kisahnya.
    Papa (my own beloved tentunya bukan papap) dulu katanya udah lama gitu perhatiinya. n then kita ternyata di kelas yg sama di tempat kuliah lalu jadi teman baik, dekat n sangat dekat. gak selama itu juga sih, hanya 7 tahun ditambah 3 tahun pernikahan november mendatang.

  2. Happy anniversary…… ๐Ÿ™‚
    Mbak, pengen lebih kenal Mbak neh….aku suka dgn tulisan2 Mbak yg penuh dgn semangat dan positive thinking….

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