The Office and the Devils (in it)

Somebody I know at the office once said this, “It’s not important for my subordinates to like me. What’s important is they do their work well.”

His words may sound witty for some people, while for some others they sound extraordinary arrogant. For me, though, his words are just plain stupid. Period. And let me tell you why…

Although it’s not the most important thing, liking you boss is very much important. The word like in this sense means be comfortable with. You don’t have to adore your boss and put him or her in your most-favorite-people list. You don’t have to like his/her sense of humor. You don’t even have to laugh at his/her jokes. But when you like your boss, you can work comfortably. As a result, you work better because motivation is running high. It’s that simple!

But, well, life isn’t fair for most common people. People not-so-smart as somebody I know at the office are not scarce. They require you to work well but forget to provide the ingredients necessary to work well. They require you to concentrate on your work but forget to stop being a pain in your body part. They are literally the devils in the office. Now the question is how do you avoid these devils?

1. Quit is perhaps the best idea. Don’t forget to take the whole office with you when you quit. A devil cannot work his charm when there is no one around him.

2. Stay, and make their life miserable. If the devils make you miserable at the office, it only means one thing: they deserve to be miserable too.

I personally would rather choose number 3 which reads:

3. Quit, but make their life miserable in the process.

Are you with me?

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