The Devil next to You

Do I agree if life sucks?

For some things happen in life, I say, “Yes, life indeed sucks.”

For most things in life, I will say No. And that is because I believe life indeed offers us, or me, so many great lessons to learn and be grateful about. And for that, I used to forgive people who gave me difficult times. I yelled, got mad, swore, grabbed his (not yet her) collar and threatened to hit his face, wrote about them in my blog, wrote about them in my novels, but seconds later I forgave them.

I used to. USED TO.

It’s been some time that I cannot let go my feelings of… dislike, distaste, disgust, mixed with antipathy, toward one person. And I hate to have those feelings. I hate to hate.

5 thoughts on “The Devil next to You

  1. some people are missed when they’re not around.
    and, as i said, some people are despised when they’re around.

  2. I just knew I am not the only one who feel them. Let me know mbak if you could let go of those feelings

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