A Hallmark Card for You, Nek!

Nek, if I were a Hallmark Card writer, this was what would appear on your birthday card:

I was wondering what I could give for your birthday.
And I have been doing that for weeks.
Wondering what to give to you, I mean.
I was thinking… books? chocolate? a bucket of flowers? books? Edward Norton’s collection of underwears?
And then I was thinking about writing a poem.
It turned out that I was not that poetic.
Then, I started to write a story. A very short story.
My story stopped on the first page.
Just like our drafts.
After that, I was thinking about my own book.
But… you know what happened.
It would be too late.

So, I drafted some lines in this blog.
Probably, I could start with some thank-yous.
Thank you for your friendship.
Thank you for the plus plus of your friendship.
Thank you for your trust.
Thank you for your ears.
Thank you for being there.
Thank you for being you.
But… I kept thinking they are not enough.
So, I am writing this now feeling disappointed with myself for not being able to give you the best birthday gift ever.
Except for two promises.
One is that I will always cherish your friendship.
And two is that I will always bring you to every Pesta Blogger I attend.

Fitri Mohan,
Happy Birthday.
I keep saving my hugs for you until the time we are destined to meet.
Happy Birthday, darling.

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