Selamat Tahun Baru, jangan?

21 hari pertama tahun 2019 dan kedisplinan saya untuk ngeblog masih dalam level menyedihkan. Bahkan, saat saya takut-takut ngintip blog ini (iya takut-takut karena sudah lama malas update), saya malah tertohok posting terakhir tentang kekonsistenan saya latihan Yoga selama setahun. Setidaknya ada satu hal dalam hidup saya setahun yang konsisten hahaha…

So, what has happened in your first 21 days of 2019? Or, in your last 365 days in 2018? How did you leave 2018?
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How do you end a year?

How do you end a year? I mean really end it and feel like you have put it behind you?
Do you go out and party?

Do you stay home and pray?

Or you just don’t care because it always feels the same? The sun still shines tomorrow. Or the past still haunts you tomorrow.

I cannot, or haven’t been able to really say goodbye last year and welcome new year. What is it to good-bye and to welcome? Life will be like it is. On some months it will be improving, on some days it will be devastating. What’s new?

Resolutions? Being better? Sure. But do you need a new year to really say ‘I’ll be a better person next year, but since next year is still a week away I’ll take my time being whatever!’

Resolutions are thought because you just experience something terrible. It’s like an enlightenment. You did or experienced something bad, you had enough, and then you promised yourself you’d be a better person. New year is just not it. Not with all the trumpets and fireworks, of course.

So, friends, bitter as my post might feel, let me console you. If you cannot find one, two, a hundred New Year’s resolutions, don’t feel bad. It only shows you are human, you are normal, you are not fake, you are you. But, if you cannot find even one thing, ONE THING(!), to improve in your life every time you get up from your bed every morning… then you need to consider how to revolutionize your life!

Happy New You!