It’s more than his birthday

It’s his birthday today. My only son’s birthday. He is 8 now. How time flies…

When we asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he mentioned hundred requests. Being young and innocent. He asked for a toy he had been asking for a half year. He asked for us going somewhere together just the three of us. He asked for a sushi dinner at his favorite restaurant. He asked for a play time at Timezone. He asked for a birthday celebration at school. We told him he couldn’t have it all and he had to choose one. We told him we couldn’t afford all of those things he asked for. What we didn’t tell him was we would have given him all if we could afford it. You can call us a spoiling parents but we just don’t care. On this particular day of the year, everything doesn’t seem enough for our only child.

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Si Kumendan

Si Kumendan alias ayah saya itu berulang tahun ke-68 hari ini. Cerita ini saya ambil dari postingan di blog lama. Selamat ulang tahun, Kumendan! Sisa ucapan ada di doa aku setiap malam.

Salah satu telinga si Kumendan sudah agak rusak. Tidak jelas juga yang mana: yang kiri atau kanan. Menurut Kumendan, dua-duanya sama-sama tak dengar, karena. Menurut dokter, salah satunya memang sudah out of date.

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A Hallmark Card for You, Nek!

Nek, if I were a Hallmark Card writer, this was what would appear on your birthday card:

I was wondering what I could give for your birthday.
And I have been doing that for weeks.
Wondering what to give to you, I mean.
I was thinking… books? chocolate? a bucket of flowers? books? Edward Norton’s collection of underwears?
And then I was thinking about writing a poem.
It turned out that I was not that poetic.
Then, I started to write a story. A very short story.
My story stopped on the first page.
Just like our drafts.
After that, I was thinking about my own book.
But… you know what happened.
It would be too late.

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