Serahkan Pada Ahlinya

Mohon maap kepada para hadirin sekalian yang pusing melihat template blog ini gonta-ganti melulu. Ngaku saja, saya juga pusing. Pusing nyari template gratisan yang cocok sama kepribadian saya. Memang susah sih. Nyari apapun -dari manusia sampai template- yang cocok sama saya memang susah.

Untuk sementara, saya pakai template coklat-coklat begini dulu. Terpaksa ikhlas dulu karena judul blog gak keluar dan link blog juga gak keluar (masa blog ini linknya sampai saya bisa menemukan dimana kode yang harus dikoreksi.

Saya tinggal menjahit manik-manik dulu ya…

5 Years Blogging and I Gave Myself A Gift. Sort Of.

Blogging, continously, for 5 years is… exhausting.

Yes, it is exhausting. Imagine what a 5-year old blogger has to do in 5 years: squeeze the brain to get some decent ideas to post, or just stare at the monitor in an attempt to get ideas, make time to type the ideas down although it means it’s 2 o’clock in the morning, edit and re-edit the writing although after twice typing it you won’t care if there are misspelled words, eventually post the writing, wait for the readers’ comments, get butterflies in the stomach for having read the comments, reply the comments with butterflies still in the stomach… Those things, a blogger does in 5 years!

Then, what keeps me going blogging for 5 years? Besides the Nokia E71 I got for being the second winner in Pesta Blogger 2009, my answer would be… A LOT! First, I got a lot of friends in my 5-year blogging. Many of them become my virtual best friends! Then, I got a medium to vent my anger. Ha! I could say whatever I want and how I want it to. Next, I got skills, writing skills. The comments I got become my standard of knowing whether my writing skills are improving, or not. Trust me, I have a lot of more blahs to write about this.

This year, I think it’s about time I reach further, although it only means moving from my to this The moving gives me a sense of responsibility: I have to keep writing because now I am paying for this thing! Haha!

What does the how many years blogging mean to you?