Hi there!
Mariskova is my real name although I go with many nicknames, personally created by friends.

I was born and raised in Jakarta from parents of different ethnicities -that being said, please don’t ask me where I am from (as most Indonesians will do) because then you will hear a very long story. Consider yourself warned.

I used to be a teacher, a teacher trainer, an educator, an education consultant, an editor, a writer, but, I prefer to introduce myself as a consistent complainer who blogs, writes, and more often than not dreams. I am a desperate coffee drinker and I add cream and sugar in my coffee. Don’t judge me. That’s how I like it.

Besides being a very good complainer, I am also a mother of Hikari and Aiko, and a wife of Papap. You can read my stories about them once in a while. Oh, okay, often.

My blog has been up and running since March 2005 when at that time I talked mostly about my daily life in Honjo, Saitama, Japan. Read my old posts in the previous blog of www.mariskova.blogspot.com.

I also tried, but failed, to handle more blogs. Trust me, you don’t want to do that.
Picture blog at www.colorfulspecks.blogspot.com
My books at www.mariskova.wordpress.com
Parenting blog at www.mum-me.blogspot.com

Me as a Writer
So far, I have 4 novels published under my own name with Gramedia and 5 anthology novels published under Azma Nadia’s group. Sometimes, I also write short stories and 2 of them have been published in Femina Magazine. Previously, I worked as a Chief Editor of C’nS Junior Magazine where I had fun writing about children. Those fun days are gone.

Right now, my focus and energy have been directed to finish my 5th novel. And…I have been saying that for 2 uhuk 7 years now. Update: the 5 is finished in May 2020.

You can check out my novels at online bookstores and let me know what you think. You can also check here at Mariskovastories. Although I have published books, articles, and stories, I still feel surprised every time I find out readers write about my work 😀 .
It might seem like a yearly promise, but I surely will write a novel again. Soon. I. Promise. Update: I did! Read here. Wohooo!

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Picture by Hikari

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  1. Aaaaaa
    Ending d hair quake itu Andita jadinya sama siapa siii :((
    Tolong berikan pencerahan kakk :'(

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